Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hello, friends and happy Wednesday!

So I wanted to take you for a spin around my head.  It's a little frightening, I admit.  I also think that it's funny that I married a man who got his Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is currently teaching a college Psychology course on the side of his regular job.  I mean, I guess I'm a constant case study for him.

As I've stated here, I am very interested in clean eating and getting rid of the processed junk.  I've actually been interested in that for quite some time. I've been studying superfoods and detoxing on an infrequent basis for the past 10-15 years.

I'm also a frequent reader of health articles. And have become slightly....okay, maybe a bit more than that...paranoid with all of the toxins in the environment around me.

So, what have I done?  I've fallen down a black hole.  I've become CLEAN LIVING OBSESSED.


I had a Norwex party recently, and now I'm stocked full of non-toxic household cleaning tools and products.

I have a house full of air - purifying plants.

I'm into natural deodorants/toothpastes, etc.

And my most recent obsession?  And the one that keeps propelling me further into the black hole?

Essential Oils.

Dude.  I mean, dude.  Have you ever cracked that door?

So my friend introduced me to Essential Oils over the summer.  I needed help with mood balancing and she invited me into her witch doctor lair full of these magical small viles of oils for every purpose on earth.

So after she very graciously poured me a number of samples, I started researching what they did.  And then I ordered the starter pack which had even more oils.  And now I'm too far in to go back.

Currently I'm working on making my own all-natural beauty creams/ bubble baths/ epsom salts.

I have treated sicknesses that both my children any myself have had.  I use them to help me sleep on those rough nights,  Before you know it, I will be researching what essential oils can help me time travel.  I mean, this is a slippery slope my peeps.

And the crazy thing is, you have to figure all of this out yourself.  The oils don't come with a list of instructions.  No, they say what they may be used for.  But one person might use one oil to cure a cough, and another one will use it as part of their beauty regime.  And someone else might use it for both.  Like I said, it's crazy.  I've almost broken down and gotten into Pinterest.  So far Google images have helped me out immensely.

But it's seriously fascinating.  I must say that I am loving kicking lots of extra chemical laden items to the curb, and using less medication.  I'm not completely granola....yet, but I honestly think I was a hippie in a previous life.

(And yes, Himalayan Salt Lamps...I'm very seriously looking at you right now on Amazon).

Anyway, just a stroll through my brain today. I think I"ll diffuse some Frankincense and take a nap now.

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