Sunday, December 6, 2015

And the Results Are Here

What?  She's blogging?  Yes, I finally made it back.  I haven't had a blog in me for a long time.  I was honestly beyond over P90x a month ago.  I was finding myself digging in super deep just to get my workout in and a million excuses flooded my brain every day as to WHY I wasn't going to work out.  Maybe it was because most programs I'm used to end in 60 days and I was just bored with the workouts?  But I think a lot of it honestly had to do with the fact that I had to psych myself up every single day to find a way to workout hard for a minimum of 60 minutes.  More like 75 minutes or 90 minutes to be honest.  I was used to an average of 30-45 minutes before P90x, so I was itching to get back to that shorter duration.  But I did it.  I stuck it out, and now I'm here 90 days later feeling like I gave it my best and forgot the rest.

But anyway, so to recap, Tony Horton is an awesome trainer (duh).  If you stick with it and give it your all, you will get the results.  I will say that I am FAR more muscular than I've ever been in my whole life.  My quads and shoulders are especially ridiculous.  I feel STRONG.  Like much stronger than I have, maybe ever?  Even my wimpy wrists feel like they've strengthened.

I will say that I was very very surprised to find that my flexibility is better than it's ever been in my life.  Well, or at least since I've been like 5.  I can do yoga poses that I had never attempted before and that's after I did PiYo for 60 days.  So that was one perk/benefit that I did not see coming.

As I have stated previously, I did not weigh myself.  I have a very very unhealthy relationship with the scale and it can send me into a spiral of all kinds of bad if I step on it, so I went with other factors like how my clothes fit, how I was feeling, etc.

And I will venture to say that I didn't lose weight.  I feel like my waist slimmed down a bit, but my muscle tone replaced all of the fat I lost. I feel seriously buff.  But here is my after picture.  I am still not exactly my perfect "after' picture, but look at the abs!  Major improvement there - yay muscle tone!!!

I just started 21 Day Fix Extreme (no need to do the regular ole fix in my opinion right after P90x, I wanted to take it right to the extreme level).  I am hoping to lean out even more as it's more demanding cardio-wise, plus it's forcing me to cut out any bad habits for 21 days (sugar and alcohol are included) in a very tight nutrition plan.  If I get my blogging muse back, I am going to attempt to cover 21 Day Fix Extreme, as I've really liked the program a lot thus far!

Night peeps!!!

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