Wednesday, December 30, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Results!!!

Good evening my peeps!!

So, holidays.  Holidays and travelling are to blame for me not getting this blog posted in a timely manner.

Excuses are lame,  I know.  And I'm always seemingly full of them when it comes to updating my blog.

But I WANTED to share my 21 Day Fix Extreme results with you guys.  And since I got back home last night I have no more excuses to put off this blog.

Soo,,,if you will recall, my 21 Days officially ended on Christmas Day.  Am I crazy for fixing during the month of December???  The answer is definitively yes....and no.  (See what I did there?).  Yes, I am insane for trying to keep up with such a strict diet plan during the most tempting and challenging month of the year.  But NO, for the exact same reasons.  This is probably the only December I've lost weight in my whole life.

So, I didn't weigh myself (as I've mentioned many times in previous posts), but I have a feeling the pictures tell the story.

Behold, my "after" pic for P90x on the left which became my "before" pic for 21 Day Fix Extreme.

And the official "after" pic.

Let me break this down....I seriously whittled down my figure more dramatically in 21 short days than 3 long months.  And you know why?  It all boils down to nutrition.  Yes, the workouts WERE challenging (lord help me if I EVER do the Plyo or Cardio Fix again in my life), but they were only 30 minutes long - such a great amount of time to push yourself and know you are then DONE for the day.

But dude....those magical little containers.  I absolutely believe in those portions.  Once I honed in and allowed myself the proper amounts of carbs (2), proteins (4), greens (3), fruits (2), healthy fats (1) and seeds and dressings (1) per day I started seeing crazy fast results.

Sidenote....soooo.....since Christmas morning I have indulged a bit.  Yeah, I know.  I let myself enjoy some cookies and treats.  And you know what?  I enjoyed those treats as I was eating them.  But I felt disgusting after they were in my body.  I'd trained my body to properly process a certain amount of each food group per day (and no, Christmas cookies were not a food group my body was used to).  Eating clean does have some your body can't recover from the decadence the way it once did.

But!....this morning I started fresh again and took my before pic for the NEW program I started today.  Stay tuned for my update on the Masters Hammer and Chisel.  So excited to see what new changes are in store for my body!

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