Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Masters Hammer and Chisel take one......Trying to get chiseled.Trying.....

Hola my peeps!!!!

I hope today is treating you well.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I started the Masters Hammer and Chisel.

Yesterday was my FIRST day.  Technically you are supposed to start on a Monday, but the designated rest day for the program falls on a Thursday.  That just doesn't work so well in my world.

So, I decided to begin on a Wednesday.  Because by shifting the schedule back 2 days, the rest day falls on a Saturday.  I had originally decided to start on January 1st, but that would put my rest day on a Monday.  Not a good choice.

Here is my before picture taken yesterday just prior to my first Hammer and Chisel workout.  I decided to step away from the black sports bra and black shorts this time. AND I also decided it was only fair to take a brand new pic after my week of holiday indulgence.  I could have started with my after picture of 21 Day Fix Extreme as my current "before".  But REALLY, last week consisted of approximately 3,626 Christmas cookies, and that switched things up a bit in my fit world.

No filter peeps.  I was so tempted to Instagram the heck out of this thing.  This is what I looked like after I rolled out of bed yesterday morning.

 I will say that I ordered this bikini on Christmas Eve while I was still feeling fab and excited for my upcoming cruise.  Ummm....not so fab when I came home from my 5 days in Chicago where I ate said 3,626 cookies and found this delightful 2 piece of truth sitting on my front doorstep as a cold reminder of my regrettably indulgent reality.

But I found my brave to put it on for my before pic.  I hope that I can make some awesome changes in the next few weeks.  I could pinpoint all of the flaws that I want to correct in this pic, but honestly it would just depress me.  So I will just go all in and give it my best.

The very first workout in Hammer and Chisel was Chisel Balance.

My homegirl Autumn Calabrese led this one and I will say that it did not disappoint.  Through a series of exercises using moderately heavy weights and using your core to stabilize yourself, it was the best burn I've felt in awhile.  Not sure what the upcoming workouts will bring, but this was delightful in that it wasn't stressful cardio, but it was still challenging and I felt it everywhere. I don't have a weight bench, just an old aerobic step, so I modified with that a bit.  Weights I used were 12 lbs and stepped it down to 10 lbs near the end, but I think I can increase next time.  I prepared and now also have 15 and 20 lb weights.  Ready to take on whatever challenge is ahead.

Nutrition follows the standard 21 Day Fix guidelines, but it can be modified to fit your goals.  If you want to get shredded, there's a plan for that, as well as a plan for building muscle or majorly bulking up.

For right now I've decided to stick with my  current body shredding plan in the 1,200 - 1,499 calorie range with my specified number of containers, BUT I am modifying with one major change.  During the 21 day fix extreme I NEEDED a sweet and/or alcohol more than 3 times a week.  I ended up swapping out 1 carb container a day for one treat or another and that would only give me 1 healthy carb a day.  That made me cranky and irritable.  I am now allowing myself a small after dinner sweet and/or adult beverage in addition to my normal container count.  This program is 60 days long and I need to find a way to manage comfortably or I might accidentally murder someone out of anger from missing chocolate after a couple of weeks.

So, we will see where things go from here.  After day one I like where I'm seeing this is headed.  More to be updated as I feel like blogging :).

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