Thursday, December 17, 2015

Um...I Blinked???

Hey guys!!!

So wow, I feel like I just wrote my last entry like a couple of days ago, and I went back and looked and saw that it was over a week ago!  I guess that if I was to blog in real time about my experience with the 21 day fix I would have needed to check in WAY sooner because as of today I only have 8 days left.  Seriously.  How is that even possible?

After feeling like P90x was infinity times 1,000 I have basically blinked and I'm 2/3 of the way done with the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

And the truth is that it has seriously been JUST THAT EASY.   For real.  I have a sweet little app on my phone that tells me how many containers of food I get for my day (for the record I get 3 greens - veggies, 2 purples - fruits, 4 reds - proteins, 2 yellows- carbs, 1 blue - healthy fats, and 1 orange - seeds and dressings).  And I have my approved list of foods I can eat to fill those containers.  And it's a breeze to just plug in what I am going to eat when and know what I have left.  And seriously, I was thinking only 2 carbs a day would kill me but the truth is that it's working.  And I'm mostly full all day.  And on a couple of occasions I haven't finished all of my food for the day.  Crazy, right?

Now I will say that I am following the 21 Day Fix Extreme - and that is a bit different from the 21 Day Fix in a few regards.  One being that there are NO CHEATS allowed.  Like on the 21 day fix you could occasionally sub in a treat or a glass of wine for a yellow (3x a week only) or add honey or agave into your coffee.  Extreme does NOT give you ANY of those options.  I will say that I still add a touch of agave to my coffee in the a.m., but I didn't fall prey to a treat until last night.  I did swap out one of my yellows yesterday for a Quest bar.  So I'm not perfect, but I didn't feel too bad about it.
The other way that extreme is different is that the workouts are seriously ramped up.  I feel like I get a very good sweat on while usually holding my own pretty well most days, but the one kicker for me so far has been Extreme Cardio.  I didn't do a lot of cardio in P90x, and it's kind of apparent right now.  But I like the challenge it brings and am feel accomplished when I finish.

I don't have my "after" picture yet, but oh my goodness I can already tell a huge difference in the way my clothes fit.  And it's an awesome feeling.

I end this thing on Christmas Day.  I can't wait to share my results with you guys as well.  I'm going to be lean and mean for 2016!!!

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