Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fixin for a Change

Hello my friends. Decided to go ahead and give reviewing the 21 Day Fix Extreme a go. I hope to blog more consistently through this process. 

If you can't tell, I'm a bit excited to move onto this program - I was seriously itching for a change. 

So why did I pick 21 Day Fix Extreme to tackle next after P90x?  I must say I was REALLY considering Insanity. I love Shaun T and I do plan on getting around to doing Insanity eventually, but for all of the reasons I was over P90x, I was excited about 21 Day Fix Extreme. 

Let me say that I'm the rare Beachbody coach that has yet to "Fix". It's not that I was ever against it. I just started as a customer last spring when PiYo was on special and then got a great deal on LesMills combat when I became a coach (I wanted CIZE the day it came out over the summer and P90x kind of fell into my lap). So I never got the 21 day fix challenge pack. The timing was never quite right. 

But after 90 long days of 60-90 minutes workouts with P90x, a 21day program with 30 minute workouts a day was exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus I was super excited about the meal plan. I know several 21 day fix junkies who swear by it. And to be honest, while I work diligently toward healthy eating every single day, I almost always have a post dinner sweet and I do love my bourbon. Plus, I don't really count calories or watch how many veggies verses proteins and/or carbs I put in my body. And I'm almost 100% positive I have several food allergies or intolerances.  So I wanted to really streamline what I was eating and go all in for 21 days on this. 

I know I'm crazy trying this out during the holiday season. Trust me, I know. But I also thought it would be a great way to keep me away from all of the decades. As any 21 day fixer knows, holiday treats don't fit in a container. 

And I decided to just do 21 Day Fix Extreme vs the original Fix. I figured that P90x would have gotten me ready for the more advanced option. 

So, here I am on day 4. And I'll say I'm doing really well. I have been eating all of my containers every day (more on the containers later) and I feel fabulous.

The workouts are definitely no joke. Autumn WORKS you hard for 30 minutes. She knows it's a short duration of time and she doesn't mess around. My first workout on Saturday was Plyo Fix extreme and I did something to my already very muscular quads that made them hurt for like 4 days. Stairs were torture. So I KNOW I'm getting my money's worth with this program. 

Anyway, more to come later.... I promise????  Let's just say I have very good intentions of picking blogging back up and reviewing this further. Have a great night my peeps!!!

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